Advanced Java Networking

Advanced Java Networking is designed to present you with a myriad of alternatives to
connect your applications to the Internet. It is neither a programming reference nor a
marketing brochure. We’ll leave that to the geeks and marketeers to battle out. Instead,
we wanted to explore each alternative without marketing bias or engineering snobbery.

One part of the engineering community will tell you that sockets are the only true way
to communicate information over a network. Another segment will say that Java-only
applications relying on Remote Method Invocation (RMI) will solve all your communication problems. Then, of course, there is the Common Object Request
Broker Architecture (CORBA) camp. We’ll discuss these alternatives, and we will
also explore aspects of server-side programming in which we use a Web server as a
mechanism to generate dynamic Web pages that can be connected to databases (and
just about anything else). We present an honest account of each alternative and
guidelines for choosing what’s best for your business or programming needs. In
addition to the hundreds of lines of sample code we supply to help you start from
scratch with Java communication, we place an additional emphasis on migration of
your existing desktop-centric applications to an Internet-ready world.

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